WPP Energy Hong Kong Ltd. Along with its partner VZ BARREL TRADING GMBH are in the commodity markets representing title holder and direct sellers of petroleum products such as bulk crude oil, JP54 Aviation Jet Fuel, D2 Diesel and suppliers of petroleum products worldwide.

Our philosophy and our current market position, enables us to promptly and professionally offer real products through our verified and performing suppliers and provide accurate information on pricing, terms and availability. It’s not only to provide confidence for the buyer by removing large chains of brokers or intermediaries, it also provides a one point of contact with the advantage to negotiate directly with our performing sellers.


With today’s ever increasing demand for bulk crude oil, it is imperative to get product when you need it. WPP provides the most reliable bulk crude oil purchasing and marketing services available. WPP provides CIF and FOB based crude oil purchasing procedures that are straight forward and 100% verifiable. We also specialize in petroleum products such as MAZUT M100, D2 DIESEL, JP54 JET FUEL and more.


D2 Diesel is in high demand. WPP provides 100% verifiable supply of D2 diesel. Our suppliers can provide 100,000 MT to 500,000 MT per month. D2 diesel is in high demand and WPP only provides purchasing procedures provided by verified and performing sellers. We work direct with suppliers and buyers arranging transactions worldwide.


WPP provides competitively priced JP54 aviation jet fuel for the world market on CIF Rotterdam and FOB procedures. WPP has several JP54 aviation jet fuel offer that range from reseller discounts of Less 15% to refinery direct JP54 aviation jet fuel production contracts.


We operate as direct as possible to our crude oil, JP54 aviation jet fuel and D2 diesel sellers and suppliers and do not engage in long chains of brokers. All official documents have to be addressed to end sellers or buyers and officially signed. Any offers without official company details will not be processed. We encourage the buyer and seller to enter into a direct and transparent negotiation, however this will only be possible once we have received official documents confirming a buyers intent.


We operate in an ethical and respectful environment. We do not condone any unprofessional and or unethical behavior. Unrealistic commission demands from intermediaries or mandates will not be entertained. Official ICPO and FCO processed must accompany official responses. Should we not receive official responses from any issued official document, all of the parties involved will be reported to the authorities.


If you are a buyer’s mandate, we will sign a working agreement and NCNDA with you to proceed. We Will request proof to see your mandate authorisation before signing any documents. Due Diligence, all information submitted to us will be verified before we can proceed with any transaction. We do not entertain Broker Chains, time wasters and if you are one of them please do not contact us.

To initiate any D2 DIESEL / JP54 request, buyer must first send us an (LOI) indicating the product you want to purchase. This enables us to source and get the best pricing for your request.

LOI for D2 / JP54 JET FUEL should include the following:

1. Description of type of business your company is engaged in / Key Personal
2. Product / Qty Needed
3. Delivery Method
4. Intended destination of products

Disclaimer/Warning: We are a broker for Buyers and Sellers and all fraudulent documents including SCO, FCO, ICPO, LOI, RWA or BCL issued by Buyer/Seller or someone pretending to be affiliated with the Buyer/Seller, will be reported to the FBI, ICC and INTERPOL for the abuse.