WPP and its technical personnel have provided project management, construction management, start-up, performance testing and operations & maintenance services for over 65 independent power generation projects worldwide.

Our extensive experience in management, design, and field activities provides a tremendous advantage with respect to technical representation on projects. All WPP personnel typically have both design and field experience prior to their involvement as project technical representatives for our clients.

Most of our clients and our supplier’s clients do not like their plants used for sales purposes. Please contact us and obtain written permission to speak with them.

Working with qualified EPC contractors WPP can provide complete turnkey solutions for new and used power plants facilities 4-1200 MW or limited services on a case-by-case basis. The overall scope of WPP Energy’s services can be summarized as follows:

  • Permitting Support
  • WTE Process Equipment Design & Engineering
  • WTE Process Equipment Fabrication & Procurement
  • Support during Project Construction
  • Start-up Commissioning & Testing
  • Performance & Environmental Testing
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Operations Training
  • Project financing

Waste to energy technologies:

  • Waste Gasification
  • Biomass Gasification
  • Pyrolysis process
  • Plasma Gasification
  • Potable drinking water
  • Bio-fuels

WPP provides all you need to supply your power plant requirements in one single place: We have developed the most robust platform in the industry to guarantee you’ll get the best offer available. Review our projects portfolio

3 x 50 MW Gasification Power Plant

WPP prepared planning for waste gasification power plants, as well as a ship unloading station. In this connection, WPP drew up the functional specifications and supported the client during negotiations of all contracts up to financial closure. During the further course of the project, WPP was entrusted with project management, site supervision and monitoring of acceptance tests and commissioning. Upon completion of construction, WPP is to support the client during the warranty period.

Maintenance and Repair Agreement

WPP Energy technicians perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and regular analysis of critical engine fluids. You also receive technical support and staff training, plus all replacement parts under a side contractual which will be signed between WPP maintenance team, and the future owners of the power plant facility for a minimum of 24 months contract.

Maintenance Service Agreement

WPP provides technical support, staff training and assistance with maintenance and troubleshooting, in addition to the parts required for regular maintenance. WPP as well provides local team full training learning all the methods of the operation and maintenance including parts replacements same as well troubleshooting remotely using the latest advanced control panel facility.

Technical Service Agreement

WPP provides an experienced engineer to train your staff to improve maintenance techniques and troubleshoot plant equipment.