We at WPP Energy Corp (WPP) have developed such a fuel source – it is substantive and demonstrable.

As a global community we continue to exhaust the earth’s natural resources, increase our consumption for energy and provide little or no overwhelming solutions to our emissions into the atmosphere.

Perforce it is agreed, we all face threatening predicaments and consequences.

It is the reality of rapidly  increasing  demand,  exhausting  supply,  spiraling  costs  and  a  greener conscience in the production, application and expenditure of energy that we at WPP have addressed and solved.

Our Resonance Hydrogen Generator (RHG) is the culmination of twelve years of technical and strategic development, a patented protection program and the expertise of some of Europe’s leading scientific minds in the field of renewable energy.

By harnessing the extraction of hydrogen from pure water in a safe, versatile, scalable and affordable manner, we have adapted the future of energy production and its concerns for and throughout the world.

Harvesting clean hydrogen energy directly from pure water, on demand and without the necessity of storage, provides a secure and inexpensive remedy to the problems.