W2H2 is still under Research and Development and not yet commercialized

wpp energy mobile power station

Introducing the WPP ENERGY W2H2™ MOBILE POWER STATION which are housed inside 20′, 40′ and 53′ sea container configurations. These are turn key Mobile Hydrogen power plants that require very little set up time from when they are delivered onsite and offer all the benefits of a stationary power plant plus the added benefit that they are easy to transport.

The Mobile Power Station is a stand alone independent solution requiring an input of a regular water line hook-up. The innovative technology converts water into W2H2™ mixed with a safe environmental application to enough clean electricity to power a large community of homes. The solution is scalable with more hardware added.

The cost of power produced by the WPP MOBILE POWER STATION is a fraction of traditional power sources. It can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. The ease of transport by air, by rail, by sea, by truck or by heavy duty helicopter means that areas in the world that are not power serviced or that are under-serviced will have a viable and immediate power source.


The WPP Mobile Power Station is offered in various capabilities and forms:

mobile power station target markets

The WPP ENERGY MOBILE POWER STATION is an ideal power solution for the energy demands of many industries including an emerging consumption crisis from requirements of cryptocurrency miners. For each 1 MWh of production capacity requested the unit will power up to 700 crypto mining machines. The Power Station is also ideal for military, hotels, shopping malls, schools, communities in need of an instant low cost clean energy power source and/or wishes to unplug from their current provider and form their own lowest cost power grid.

wpp energy mobile power station features

produces at least 0.5mw

Depending on which configuration is ordered, the Power Plant produces between 0.5MW to 44MW

clean energy

Other than a prepared flat surface pad the only thing needed to operate your W2H2™ POWER STATION is a cold waterline connection.

low cost power production

Operating cots of the W2H2™ Power Station is a fraction of other power sources, 50% less than most other traditional power sources.

turn key power station

When the W2H2™ POWERSTATION CONTAINER arrives at the intended delivery destination it is ready from day 1 to produce power. No assembly of the internal power plant is needed. All systems go subject only to a water line connection being available.

worldwide delivery, mobile power

WPP Energy offers World Wide delivery. The W2H2™ POWER STATION CONTAINER is fully mobile at any time by air, by truck, by train, by ship, and also by heavy duty helicopter.

secure, self contained, quiet

The container contains heavy duty construction including high tech fingerprint door locks. The power plant is fully contained inside to ensure no tampering by unauthorized personnel. The W2H2™ Power Station is operating inside a fully insulted container which ensures noise is at a minimum.

expandable, scalable power supply

Should power requirements exceed the power capacity of a single container, more can be added and water and power lines can be interconnected.

internet and wi – fi equipped

The W2H2™ POWER STATION CONTAINER comes with a heavy duty parabolic retractable power antenna which is wind rated for 100mph winds. Internet connectivity allows for power production data to be transmitted back to WPP servers for system performance monitoring by WPP. Wi-Fi will provide Internet access to users within range.

suited to all climates

Cold, Hot, Humid climates are all equally well suited to use the W2H2™ POWER STATION CONTAINER. It has a heavy duty construction, is insulated and the inside of the unit is climate controlled.

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