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WPP provides a true waste to energy technologies that goes way beyond the traditional incinerator and beyond standard gasification processes. We promote advanced technology that allows for 100% conversion of waste to energy and by products in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Our established proven Waste to Energy technology has a Destruction Removal Efficiency of 99.99%, converts 1000 tone pre-characterized daily capacity of Municipal Solid Wastes or other toxic materials such as PCBs, Oil sludge, old tires, etc. into 60 Megawatts per hour of electrical power, plus 40 Mwh of steam power. Our waste to energy facilities are modular and can be built to accommodate the requirements needed (ie. 5,000+ tone daily capacity of MSW, up to 400 Megawatts per hour Maximum electrical output. We provide a complete turnkey projects starting with a design phase to commissioning, including up to 100% financing.


Our technology is designed to convert 100% hazardous waste material and therefore is not limited to the type of waste material it can process. We carry the latest modern technologies to convert over 300 different toxic materials including PCBs, Agent Orange toxin, low level radioactive medical waste, into power, fuels and by products.

Emissions from the process are the cleanest in the industry… the technology does not produce dioxins or furans during the high heat remediation process and uses the most state of the art emissions removal technologies.

Minimum Requirements to deploy waste to energy:

With the above requirements WPP can get you a commitment bank letter for the complete project in 14 days, and a complete project funds within 60 days max. If you need financing for your waste to energy project WPP can help you get started, just fill out our request form online, one of our experts will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours: Project Request Form

WPP will help you get a high, predictable return on investment by supplying experience to your team. You focus on your core business. We take care of your power. During a project’s planning stages, an operation and maintenance plan that documents financial performance can help you attract investment capital. Over the plant’s life, our expert support team will help you meet your profit objectives, year after year.

WPP will give you a seamless transition from construction through start-up and into commercial power production. Once your plant is online, we provide the level of support you require.


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