WPP provides a worldwide investment opportunity to private and public sectors in the green and renewable energy project, with a financing of up to 100% on waste to energy power plants, wind mills, solar farms, and sea wave projects from 4-1200 MW with a high return generating 25-35% net profit after all expenses.

Return on investment

WPP designed the latest modern technology in waste to energy power plants slashing the operation cost while increasing profit margin by 25-35% which will allow to cover all expenses making net profit of 25-35% annually.

Revenues from the sale of power, recycled metals, tipping fees and carbon credits will recoup the cost of the plant in 3 to 4 years.


  • Land of 40 to 120 acres
  • Connection with municipals, government, or local authorities
  • Land must be near the municipal waste zone
  • Minimum of 100-400 tons of waste per day
  • 15% Working capitol of the total investment
  • Providing (LOI) letter of intent. See sample
  • Providing (BCL) letter bank comfort. See sample
  • Buyback electricity per Kilo Watt (Depend on country Reg)

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