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For the past 12 months there were negotiations among WPP/GDTC and Technip California USA leaded by Rafael Ben President of WPP and by Ted Martinez Head business developer of Technip California USA for the implementation of a mega project in Kingdom of Morocco namely the “Complexe des Energies Renouvelables au Royaume du Maroc (CERRM)” Project whose Owners and Master Developers are GDTC and WPP Pour les Energies Renouvelables au Royaume du Maroc, which is owned by Rafael Ben President of WPP Energy Corp, and by HEH Natour Ahmad Zuhir Mohammad, the Chairman and the CEO.  HEH Natour is also the Chief Executive Officer of WPP Energy Corp for all the countries in the African continent, the Middle East, GCC countries and the Mediterranean Basin regions.



Join us and meet many of the world’s most influential Green Leaders for 4 inspiring days this September 9th – 12th 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Find out from these leading minds their strategies to create a more sustainable future and get insights into the tremendous forces coming into play that will impact us all. VIP Speakers: Rafael Ben President of WPP Energy Corp. Go read more at: http://greenleaderssummit.com/speakers


Up coming two major projects in Barcelona and Moscow news

RUSSIA NEWS: Since last September 2012 a meeting was help in Saint Petersburg for a major project of waste to energy along with the Mayor of Saint Petersburg and his associates with government delengent from Stalingrad and the srrounding ares to convert waste to power, and biomass to biofuels with a budget of $2 Billion USD. A letter of intent for the project was provided to WPP and next meeting will take place in June 15th 2013. More information will be available on mid June.



WPP ENERGY UK LTD has been working on a development of five power stations in souht wales UK for the past three years with an investment of (TWO MILLION POUNDS) Two power stations of biomass to biofuels providing 300 MW per hour each, plus three power stations of waste to energy power generation of 135 MW power per hour each station which will provide a total of 1005 MW power. Plans and land was acquired and approvals for permits and construction should completed by September 2013. More news will be available on mid July




Since 2006 GDTC and WPP have been involved within the renewable energy technologies industries implementing one of the largest mega project in Rabat Kingdom of Morocco, the CERRM waste to energy project processing, on gradual basis of 447 to 11,506 tons of municipal solid waste in the SUM of $1.4 Billion USD as the First out of the Four Divisions of the project. The CERRM project with its Four Divisions 10 Phases and 18 Stages will cost close to $ 8 Billion USD which will be financed By WPP Energy Corp.

WPP & GDTC are in a middle of negotiation to collaborate along with Technip USA for the CERRM project in which about to start in June 2013, the merging of the WPP, GDTC, Technip creating one of the largest group in the world today implementing various projects including the CERRM, and others. HEH Natour had been personally involved in the waste to energy projects in Japan. Technip along with GDTC & WPP will be part of 12 operating waste to energy plasma gasification in Japan.  WPP with its strategic partners executed several waste to energy projects in the world including projects in Japan where it stands as a business model for the CERRM project in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco.



HEH Natour has been appointed by WPP as the WPP Chief Executive Officer with vast powers and authorities in all the countries in the continent of Africa, Middle East, GCC and Mediterranean Basin vide WPP Authority Letter dated 18th May 2012.

His Excellency the Honorable
Natour Ahmad Zuhir Mohammad
WPP Chief Executive in all the countries in the continent of Africa, Middle East, GCC and Mediterranean Basin Full Summery: HEH Natour Ahmad Zuhir Mohammad


Brief Summery: HEH Natour has been working to push the forefront of Renewable energy with the ability to provide clean electricity from the process of converting waste to energy.
In his early career he had an extremely successful and rewarding career in construction, completing 820 projects over a period of 18 years.

From 1986 to 1992  HEH Natour worked in general contracting and specialist foundation construction running a variety of complex infrastructure and civil engineering projects including Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Roads, Power Generation etc. 

He held primary responsibility for the execution and delivery of 272 major construction projects with particular expertise in substructure, foundations and a variety of piling applications including secant walling, contiguous piled walling, diaphragm walling, continuous flight auger piling cased piling, shoring, soldier piled walling, dewatering, ground stabilisation, bentonite applications, sheet piling, etc.

From 1992 to 1998 he was engaged in the Building Foundations Structures and contracting such as Pilling, excavation and dewatering. 205 projects were executed and delivered under total supervision of HEH Natour.

From 1998 to 2006 he was engaged in the master planning of major cities that need to be delivered under the umbrella of sustainability and green building design. During this period 343 projects were executed under the total supervision of HEH Natour.

From 2006 to 2010 there was a slow down on the world economy and as it is common to many worldwide institutions several projects were either cancelled or kept on hold.  Starting 2006 HEH Natour started his drive towards Green Economy and kept on hold planned projects in the 34 countries with 8 regional offices, however, he continued on studying, planning and attracting companies entering into joint venture with GDTC towards Green Economy.

From 2010 to 2012 HEH Natour started putting into action his planned Green Economy projects and emerged with a mega and master piece Environmental Friendly project named “Complexe des Energies Renouvelables au Royaume du Maroc” CERRM project in the Kingdom of Morocco.

All related Green Energy Projects, Renewable Energy Projects, All types of Waste to Energy projects, Power Generation, Biofuel production, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Petroleum Products, Funding and investments, Park Amusement such as World Disney, Import Export and Transportation industry and any other business venture which will be suitable and acceptable to both parties.

GDTC with its renowned and strong US Strategic Partner (WPP Energy Corp) together with its associate companies will implement the execution of the CERRM project. WPP will arrange finance facility for the project. GDTC plan other similar type of projects around the world. In general, GDTC had firmly focused on sustainable development and ecological economics and implementation of Green Economy strategies into existing development strategies set by the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco.


Please visit again this news section for the upcoming update on this excelent development.

Endorsed by: Rafael Ben
Title: President
Company: WPP Energy Corp.


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