michael “tuấn” ebright


Michael “Tuấn” Ebright, Founder / President of Delta 9 Genetics – Mr. Ebright has decades of experience with Renewable Energy and Carbon Credit Platforms, as well conducting Pacific Rim Liaisons with C Level executives and projects in the international finance sectors.

Post serving honorably in the USAF as an Aviation Specialist, he has over 35 years experience in International Business Relations and proprietary technologies including a vast telecommunications career with AT&T, SBC and Global Crossing.

Mr. Ebright also began operating his own successful companies in the field of renewable energy technologies and project developments including TransActive energy generation, Intelligent sustainable farming and Bio-innovations sectors, as well as in Green Commercial real estate developments using renewable energy technologies.

Mr. Ebright comes with the viable resources and top executive level business relationships from the Far East Asia, to join forces with WPP ENERGY, and to leverage project financings and intellectual properties & proprietary technology licenses worldwide.