Mr. Bernhard Piwczyk


Mr. Piwczyk is a Scientist and Inventor of Polish and German descent. He is a graduate of the University of California with over 50 years of R&D and corporate management experience in diverse fields of high technology. He holds 12 patents related to his inventions, which include laser technology and solar cell fabrication and optics. He has spent the last several years studying hydrogen related energy technologies and has recently assumed the position of Consulting Scientist.


Experience Summary

• 1966 -1968, Research Chemist, Shell Canada, Ontario, CA,

• 1970-1976, Research Scientist and Department Manager, Bell-Northern Research, Ottawa, Canada (Nortel).
Department Manager: Reliability physics, semiconductor analysis, electron beam lithography.

• 1976-1977 Varian/Extrion, Gloucester, MA
Manager, Development of electron beam masks generation equipment.

• 1978-1983 GCA Corporation, Bedford, MA
Manager, Advanced Lithography development, electron beam lithography systems. Manger of division manufacturing reactive ion etch, plasma etch and sputter deposition systems.

• 1983-1991 Image Micro Systems, Inc. Founder and President. – Partnership with Ernst Leitz of Wetzlar, Germany (now Leica). Developed and marketed world’s leading metrology system for the semiconductor industry. Leading edge micro-machining systems using excimer lasers for use in the manufacture of electronic packaging and the fabrication of inkjet printheads.

• 1992-1993 Consultant to the president of Litton-Itek Optical Systems, Bedford, MA for defense technology conversion to commercial use.

• 1994-1996 Consultant – laser processing and systems to major Laser commercial companies (Coherent and IPG Photonics)

• 1996-2002 ASE Americas (Schott Solar) Billerica, Massachusetts, Senior Scientist leading the development for processes and equipment for the manufacture of photovoltaic solar cells using high power lasers and atmospheric downstream plasma.

• 2002-2016, BPP Technology Consulting. – Providing services to start-up and high technology companies for the application of lasers in the manufacturing of solar cells and panels, thermo-electrics, laser materials processing and applications of lasers in medicine. Including Leonardo Technologies (TE and LENR/Cold Fusion).

• 2017-2020 Private Researcher & Inventor of LENR/Cold Fusion & Atomic Hydrogen Energy Solutions