Waste Treatment Reinvented

A Revolutionary Waste Processing Technology That Treats Nearly All Types Of Waste Up To 400 Tons per day per unit!

12 models available ranging in capacity from 2 Tons Per Day to 400 TPD, per unit!

And Steam Based Electricity Generation up to 35MW per unit! *Thermal energy option available

Onshore and Offshore Wind

WPP believes that wind is a cornerstone renewable energy with an lower priced CAPEX (often less $2m per MW of installed capacity) lower cost than many other renewable sources.

Lower Cost Hydrogen Production!

Hydrogen is a potential solution to convert polluting power producers currently using fossil fuel into efficient low cost green energy producers using water as the feedstock to generate onsite hydrogen production which then replaces fossil fuel to operate the Genset with no CO2 or Methane Emissions.

W2H2 Mini

Save on diesel fuel costs by using W2H2 Mini Technology and changing from a diesel generator to a ready Hydrogen compatible one. A Hydrogen Fired Solution dramatically cuts emissions. This is a no Carbon and no Methane Emissions Solution.