WPP ENERGY is a repository for disruptive green energy and environmental technologies which we build or intend to build, own, operate and maintain. We also license technology and enter into strategic joint venture partnerships for the purpose of accelerating the deployment of important environmentally friendly technologies for the benefit of the entire world.


A global mobile waste solution that collects, processes and converts many types of waste into green biofuels with no pollution, the wpp MOBILE WASTE PLANT eliminates landfill waste by up to 97%.

Landfills are a massive problem globally for so many countries and this is the perfect solution to that problem. Landfills are a leading cause of deadly methane gas and ground water pollution and this solution which essentially eliminates them is tremendous news for planet earth and those who live on it. Each Mobile Waste Plant goes right to the source of the waste, collects it and processes it onsite at a rate of nearly 1.5 tons per hour (per mobile unit) into valuable biofuel. It is the evolution of waste to energy technology into compact mobile form.

wpp w2h2 conversion

WPP’s HHO Power Plant Conversion Technology focuses on converting existing polluting power plants operating on Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, and Gasoline into green energy power plants that greatly reduce polluting gases and fumes, arrives at the Power Plant facility housed inside a custom high tech 20′ sea container.


The MOBILE POWER STATION is an ideal power solution for the energy demands of many industries. It will be offered in 3 configurations: 1, 2 & 5.8 MW. It is ideal for general industry, hotels, shopping malls, schools, communities, humanitarian needs, militaries, cryptocurrency miners; any heavy users of electricity in need of an instant low cost clean energy power source that wishes to unplug from their current provider.