December 1, 2018 (Geneva, Switzerland — PR NEWSWIRE) — WPP Energy GmbH (“WPP”) announced today that its Board of Directors has approved an agreement with Canadian based INEWCORP Company to form a Master Joint Venture whereby WPP and INEWCORP will invest 1 Billion Euro for the Exclusive Rights for the Country of Morocco for the construction of a WPP Waste Truck Manufacturing Facility. WPP will own 80% of the of the MJV and INEWCORP will own 20%. The President, CEO of INEWCORP is also the WPP Senior Vice President for African Regions.

The Moroccan facility is expected to produce 1320 W36T Model  Waste Trucks per year when operating at full capacity. WPP will provide all necessary licenses to the MJV for the Technology. INEWCORP shall also be responsible for project development for the use of the WPP Technologies in Morocco and other territories in the African Regions.

The WPP Waste Truck is a mobile waste conversion technology that can collect and convert household, industrial, medical and landfill wastes, leaving only a 3% inert residual that can be sold as recyclable material.

W36T Model can process up to 36 tons of waste per day which is converted into biofuels at zero pollution. The W36T Model also produces and captures hydrogen which fuels the Truck engine and also the onboard Waste Plant and the 80% daily surplus can be sold as a green energy fuel source or dissipated into the air.

WPP Chairman and CEO, Mr. Rafael Ben stated

WPP CEO, Mr Rafael Ben

“WPP and INEWCORP have a long partnership of cooperation and the birth of this incredible new environmental technology presents another outstanding partnership opportunity to work together to solve the waste and landfill problems of Morocco and most of other African countries.

Landfills are a leading cause of deadly methane and greenhouse gas and also ground water pollution. The WPP Waste Truck eliminates 97% of the material normally headed for a landfill, it gasifies it and produces valuable biofuel as the output.”


WPP Energy was established in 2009 in HK and is now Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, WORLD POWER PRODUCTION ENERGY GmbH (WPP ENERGY, “WPP”) is a repository for disruptive green energy and environmental technologies which we intend to license, build, own, operate and maintain. We also license technology and enter into strategic joint venture partnerships for the purpose of accelerating the deployment of environmentally friendly technologies for the benefit of the entire world. WPP also intends to license exclusive and non-exclusive rights to territories throughout the world for the manufacturing of the Truck.


DRAMANE ZIAO :  President & CEO

Fonder of INEWCORP Inc., He got educated under the French system of education then under the Canadian system of education. That allows him to comply with a wide number of professional situations.

Under the French education system, he studied engineering in electro-mechanic and industrial automatism (Ingenieur Generaliste). He also got a professional Master in corporate management (DESS gestation des entreprises), a Master of research in Management (DEA en Management), an MBA in Banking and Finance and an Executive MBA.

Environmental protection and poverty reduction mean more than complying with laws. They mean being proactive in protecting human health, natural resources and the environment. We are looking forward to being a leader in developing and implementing responsible and innovative socioeconomic and environmental solutions.

Our core business consists in designing, developing, financing, implementing and operating major PPP projects that has real impact on the society and that contribute to fight the poverty in the developing countries. Our integrated PPP-projects for developing countries cover mainly the sectors of waste management, power generation, housing, agriculture, infrastructure, renewal energy and banking. To guarantee the full success, we make the projects are all backed by the government and the populations as well.


Joint Venture Agreement established with WPP Energy GmbH, a leader in the green energy sector, to implement over 50 Billion USD in energy and developmental projects in Africa with signed PPA’s of 35 years ongoing energy agreements and the planning green villages prior to the end of 2020.


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