About Us

WPP Energy is a Swiss Renewable Energy Company that controls and/or distributes important environmental technologies and equipment designed to accelerate the green industrial revolution and play a key role overall energy transition. We also license technology, territorial distribution rights and enter strategic joint venture partnerships for the purpose of accelerating the deployment of important environmentally friendly technologies for the benefit of the entire world.

We are primarily focused and engaged in green sustainable development projects in waste to energy, biofuel production, green hydrogen production, wind, hydroelectric and utility scale solar, 10MW and up.
WPP acknowledges and supports the United Nations (17) seventeen ‘’Sustainable Development Goals’’ (SDGs) www.sdgs.un.org

Technologies Overview

Disruptive green energy technologies and environmental solutions, a sample of our existing and upcoming globally focused disruptive technologies that includes the followings:

Lower Cost Hydrogen Production!
Hydrogen is a potential solution to convert polluting power producers currently using fossil fuel into efficient low cost green energy producers using water as the feedstock...
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Mobile Power Station
Introducing the WPP ENERGY W2H2™ MOBILE POWER STATION which will be housed inside 20' and 40' sea container configurations. These are turn key Mobile Hydrogen power plants.
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W2H2 Mini
Save on diesel fuel costs by using W2H2 Mini Technology and changing from a diesel generator to a ready Hydrogen compatible one. A Hydrogen Fired Solution dramatically cuts emissions. This is a no Carbon and no Methane Emissions Solution.
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Vorax WtE
A Revolutionary Waste Processing Technology That Treats Nearly All Types Of Waste Up To 400 Tons per day per unit! 12 models available ranging in capacity from 2 Tons Per Day to 400 TPD, per unit!
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Eco Fusion
Introducing WPP EcoFusion
Revolutionizing Waste Transformation for a Sustainable Future!

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Meet the WPP Team

Rafael Ben

Chairman & CEO

Troy MacDonald

Chief Operating Officer
& Chief Innovation Officer

Matteo Inaudi

Swiss Lawyer WPP BOD Member

Felix Rodriguez

Director of WtE Solutions

Jacqueline Young CPA, CGA

Vice President

Kenny Tran

Senior Manager
Southern Asia

Okey Leonard Enyinna

Strategic Partner & Business Developer ( For Nigeria & Sub Sahara Africa regions)

Michael John De Vera

Director of Business Development,

Iñigo Bejar Gonzalez

Advisor & Strategic Partner,
H2 Burners & Manufacturing

Juergen Dieter Praest

Advisor & Strategic Partner,
H2 Burners & Manufacturing

Dionisio Ang

Project Coordinator

Engr. Eugene Bicar

Market Advisor, Philippines

Serhii Derchuk

Director Of Business

João Jayme Iess

Director of Chemical &
Process Engineering

Jodie Jacobson

Regional Director

Aikaterini Lianoudaki

Senior Project Coordinator,
European Division

Thomas Perez

Business Development

David Bruytan

Business Development Manager

Mentor Shala

Front-end Director
UI/UX Designer

WPP Partners

Build a wonderful career with WPP and help shape the future!

Are you looking for a great career opportunity? WPP offers great opportunities to have a major impact on the future of the world. WPP Energy’s entire focus is on two of the most important global influences, Green Energy and Digital Technology; we believe both are the future of our planet. We are on the lookout for superstars globally to assist us in our main areas of business. Interested applicants are requested to please send their professional profiles to: careers@wppenergy.com

Rafael Ben

Chariman & CEO

World Power Production Energy Corporation (WPP), which owns and controls several important advanced energy technology patents, is led by President Mr. Rafael Ben with 30+ years experience in the sector and is an established guest speaker and lecturer at international Green Energy Summits.

Mr. Ben heads a team leadership engineers and experts in the waste to energy power generation with the latest modern technologies, well recognized on a global scale, having an extensive technical and business experience conducting business ventures across the globe.

In 1972 WPP President, Mr. Rafael Ben became concerned about the energy and fuel futures of the U.S. and began working on researching alternate fuel technology. He was the first person to use alcohol blends during this period and when he wrote “Methanol – A Clean Fuel for the 21st century”.

In 1986 WPP President, Mr. Ben worked various aspects of developmental technology for biomass and gasification.

In 1990 WPP President Mr. Ben, traveled to India for FAO in 1990 and evaluated conversion of agricultural wastes to fuels. In 1992 Mr. Ben traveled to China for the Rockefeller Foundation to evaluate two new gasifiers built there.

In 1996 WPP President Mr. Ben, travelled around the world, visiting various gasification sites, gathering information for the book “Survey of Biomass Gasification”.

In 1997 WPP President Mr. Ben, and his engineering team started the first prototype of a 1 Mega Watt per hour Biomass Plant in Chandpur near New Delhi the testing of the smallest unit that produces a 24MW power generation per day that could power a small village with great success.

In 1998 WPP President Mr. Ben’s team in conjunction with partner CPG, deployed the first power plant in a remote village in Ghana, West Africa, which was installed successfully and commissioned using Biomass. A new power source to 24,000 homes, avoiding the cost of underground cables with great success.

In 1999 WPP President Mr. Ben started the first testing device that converts water into Hydrogen via a small unit with Mr. Ben’s proprietary science developed in Belarus. The first model to extract water into Hydrogen and Oxygen with membrane electrodes by electrical pulse in a small chamber that generates fire at 2500 degree to heat boilers in a small scale, with the vision to convert large thermal power plants to reduce operating costs by 75% while increasing efficiency by 35% while running the entire power station at zero pollution, removing the chimney while saving huge amounts on oil and gas costs.

Since 2000 WPP President Mr. Ben and his team of engineers conducted ongoing research and development, partnering with world leaders in power generation sectors focussing on the world’s most advanced technology to reach the highest possible capacity of power production, and at the same time to reducing the cost of operations with the vision to run only clean energy sources to address the global warming issue and to bring to power producers around the world a viable solution to produce power in an environmentally friendly way, resulting in clean air for the benefit of generations to come.

In 2004 WPP President Mr. Ben became one of the world’s VIP speakers in green summits, speaking about the need to convert and upgrade power generation throughout the world to advance the use of new technologies as an alternative to the oil and gas sectors starting at Sydney Australia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, Crete, Greece, Saint Petersburg, and others.

From 2006-2008 WPP President Mr. Ben had power plants in Managua, Nicaragua for upgrading into Biomass plants. The conversion was to adopt new advanced Pyrolysis, combining Plasma Gasification with the Pyrolysis using tires and biomass combination to increase the amount of BTU’s converting the plants to run on a clean energy, with much higher profits on the sale of the Carbon Black, and Stainless Steel by products using the Kremsmuler exhaust system that eliminate the gases and fumes used as a second cycle, increasing power production by 18%.

2009 World Power Production Energy Corporation was formally formed (WPP Energy) to solve Municipal Solid Waste problems around the world using the advanced zero pollution technology, converting waste into power.

Troy MacDonald

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Innovation Officer

Mr. MacDonald is an exceptional builder, passionate about disruptive technologies & new/improved business methods. As COO & CIO (Chief Operating & Innovation Officer) & Stakeholder at WPP Energy he has built WPP out to become a multinational distribution products and technology in over 50 countries and he built and trained a global sales and distribution force of about 200 personnel, which has led to a multi billion $ order-book of sales contracts. He also assembled & leads a team of scientists & product distributors in Green Energy & Waste to Energy. He is the lead business architect of multiple R&D & commercialization initiatives which span multiple nations. He is an entrepreneur/innovator who enjoys advancing new technologies & building businesses. A technician focused on implementation of sound business strategies & tactics.
Concurrent to his role at WPP Troy is Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of HyFi Corp, a USA Public Company dedicated to project and equipment financing. At HyFi he is focused on impact investing & ESG project funding to advance markets in Renewable Energy, Environmental Science, Agrifoods etc. HyFi’s capability to facilitate financing ranges into the billions of dollars via the $46T US Bond Market.

He is a dedicated life-long learner who successfully completed Harvard Business School’s program “Disruptive Innovation Strategy”, MIT University “Blockchain Technology & Business Innovation”, London School of Economics “Negotiation Programme”, Wharton School of Business “Business in the Metaverse Economy” program. He also participated in the Stanford University “Energy Innovation & Emerging Technologies Program”. Next up in March 2023 is Harvard Universities “Sustainable Investing” program.

Experienced in environmental technology, finance, traditional & HNW banking. Formal education in fintech, blockchain business platform integration & digital currency,

Passionate about renewable energy & waste management & on making a global impact, he has traveled to 2nd & 3rd world nations to gain a deeper boots on the ground understanding of the challenges & how innovative environmental & digital technologies & solutions can bring positive change.

He is a 4 time National Award Winner in business development as a HNW Private Banker at TD Bank & National Employee of the Year HFC/HSBC.

He is also an internationally known Numismatist, a family with a 44 year, 2 generation history in historical collectible currency. He is also a gemstone and precious metals enthusiast with decades of experience in the precious metals & precious gems industries.

He was a Competitive Over the Board Tournament Chess Player (4 World Opens, the World Chess Festival & the Pan American Games). He often approaches business through the lens of a chessboard, where positional weaknesses are of great concern and knowing how to obtain and maintain a winning initiative is a must.

He also provides Mentoring/Advisory/Board Services.

Matteo Inaudi

Swiss Layer WPP BOP Member

After obtaining a law degree at the University of Zurich, Matteo Inaudi was admitted to the Geneva Bar in 1984. He has been a partner of Swiss Law firm Ming Halpérin Burger Inaudi since 1995.

Since April 28th, Matteo Inaudi is a deputy member of the High Council of the Judiciary.

His interest for business matters led him to focus his legal practice in the areas of commercial, banking and corporate law (including white collar crime, insolvency and bankruptcy), where he both gives advice and litigates.

International commercial arbitration is another area in which Matteo Inaudi has developed considerable expertise, both as counsel and as arbitrator.

His passion for music has led him to set up the Amadeus Festival (Geneva), as well as becoming the legal advisor to the European Festivals Association (Brussels).

He is also Honorary Consul of the Republic of Estonia in Geneva.

Matteo Inaudi is a member of various professional associations, such as the Geneva Association of Business Law, the Swiss Arbitration Association, ICCA, etc.

Felix Rodriguez

Director of WTE solutions

Mr. Rodriguez is a dynamic executive leader with more than 20 years’ experience in delivering complex projects and programs. He is results-oriented with a long record of accomplishments in driving corporations forward by developing and implementing innovative, actionable strategies that expand market share and profitability.

He has a significant history of mentoring and directing staff to achieve peak performance and productivity. He can perform groundbreaking research and create new approaches for growing entrepreneurial firms. He can recruit, train, and lead teams to achieve results and produce an environment of high performance.

Mr. Rodriguez attended the Institute of Economic and Political Studies (INSTEP) Program at Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, he has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management from the University of Redlands in California and has a certificate in Business Management for Technical Personnel from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA Extension.

In addition, he has studied and has practical knowledge of VoIP telephony as well as an extensive list of technical/management training available upon request. Mr. Rodriguez has professional memberships in The Knights of Columbus and is a Fellow of the Whitehead Leadership Society of the University of Redlands.

Jacqueline Young CPA, CGA

Vice President

Focus industries : renewable energy, wastes to energy, waste management, water management, wastes water, clean drinking water generation, green and clean technologies; medical and health care; public-private-partnerships.

Jacqueline qualified as a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK. She worked for KPMG, England, for over 7 years (Auditing), then Singapore.
She was a partner of CT Capital Partners, Malaysia (Corporate Finance); Adserv Consultants, Malaysia (Finance & Banking training programs representing DC Gardner of England, later taken over by Euromoney); Digital Hub, Malaysia (Corporate Finance); VP Corporate Finance of Pengkalen Securities, part of United Malayan Industries Ltd (PLC) in finance, real estates, hotels, retail stores, education, cement & food mfg, listed in 4 international stock exchanges.
She has advised governments, public and private companies, structured and raised capital for highways, real estate development projects, power plants, high tech, M & A negotiations in Europe, APAC & African countries.

She is experienced in structuring financial models and raise capital from Stock Exchange IPO; private & public equity or debt financing from banks; Public-Private-Partnerships; hosting and speaking at public conferences & seminars.
Her companies have formed partnership with world-class technology companies in waste & renewable energy with a goal to provide a full package solution to finance wastes & renewable energy solutions to the global market.
She is a CPA, CGA (Chartered Public Accountants, Certified General Accountant) of Canada. She was a Certified Program Director & Facilitator of FastTrac Entrepreneur Training Programs, of Kauffman Foundation (www.Kauffman.org).

She is the Founder and Director of Millennium Financial Exchange Corp.

Millennium is part of a global consortium specializing in providing project financing. Options of financing are debt and/ or equity financing from funds, financial institutions, private or public corporate / private equity investors.

Kenny Tran

Senior Manager Southern Asia


Travavina Environmental Solutions &Technology Investment Co. Ltd, Vietnam

Senior Advisor of Lucot Investment Group. Monaco

Supernova Waste to Energy Inc. Canada – Joint Venture Partner

Pure Energy Gas, USA – Joint-Venture Partner


Environmental Focus: 

After graduating from University in Canada, Kenny returned to Vietnam to pursue his passion in the waste management and renewable energy industry, to contribute towards mitigating problems relating to wastes, landfills, environmental pollution. He entered into an alliance with WPP Energy, to helps to eliminate wastes, divert wastes from landfills, and to generate clean electricity.

Kenny’s long term goal is to help Vietnam to divert all wastes from landfills, utilize wastes as a feedstock in WtE plants to generate precious clean renewable energy.

Kenny has the intelligence, determination, hard work, strong inter-personal relationship with the government of Vietnam, forming an alliance with the local and federal government, as well as foreign international WtE technology companies, Engineering Procurement Contractors, Financial Institutions, to make this goal his lifetime mission.



2015-2018 Bachelor of Economics and Commerce, University Canada West. Canada

2012-2014 OSAC International University of Singapore

2003-2007 University of Ho Chi Minh City – in Theatre & Movies


Work Experience:

2008-2010 – Tourism Project Manager, Asst to President

HongBang International University, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

2010-2011 Director of Production – Media Company – Cat Tien Sa, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2011-2012 – Deputy General Director, KinhDo Invest & Media Company


Okey Leonard Enyinna

Strategic Partner & Business Developer ( For Nigeria & Sub Sahara Africa regions)

The owner of Luka & Leo Nigeria Limited, a consulting Company located in Lagos State ,Nigeria. 

Also the COO,EIPC-OURGRID Australia. I am one of the new generation multifaceted consulting company of the country operating in the private and public sector.

Our specialized knowledge and experience in project financing, and commitment to my local and international clients in expeditious project financing have made me the most dependable and trustworthy protector of the risk of any dimension in Sub Sahara African countries.

More so, We assist entrepreneurs, SMEs, and businesses that are contemplating entering the African marketplace with a product or service to put their best foot in Africa countries. 

We help developers and renowned companies who are seeking equity partners and looking for EPC on tenders who have projects in Africa and Europe that will empower women, confront climate change, responding to COVID-19 and the bolstering of connectivity in underprivileged and underserved communities.

Unlike the big-name consultancies attempting to advise entrepreneurs and businesses by presenting flashy reports based primarily on secondary and tertiary sources while charging their clients exorbitant fees, I have a vast network that gathers first hand, current information about the market, competition and legalities of doing business in Africa countries.
We have worked with clients in the automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, land development, mining, agriculture, real estate, renewable energy and IT just to name a few.

We can also help companies to conduct a comprehensive Market Research Study (Opportunity Analysis). Introducing them to and setting appointments with vetted contacts, such as: Entrepreneurs, Agents, Potential Partners, Potential Employees, Lawyers and Government Officials.

Michael John De Vera

Director of Business Development, Asia

After graduating cum laude from the school of civil engineering in 1990 at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York in the US, He worked briefly as an associate design engineer with M. W. Kellogg in Houston, Texas. He then joined a company in the Philippines involved in heavy steel fabrication, general engineering & construction, and trading. His 9-year company experience with the Philippine company involved notable and landmark projects in the Philippines.

He was part of the project team that was responsible for the fabrication and installation of the first Continuous Vacuum Pan for a Sugar Factory in Batangas, Philippines; for the design, fabrication, and installation of the first locally designed LPG Spherical Tanks for various Oil Companies in the Philippines; for the fabrication of Heat Recovery Steam Generator Steel Works for NEM of Holland; for the fabrication of SO2 Cooler Heat Exchanger for Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc.; for the fabrication of temporary exhaust stacks for the 600MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project of Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) of Sweden in Bataan, Philippines; for the fabrication and erection of a 20 mW steam/water separator Vessel for geothermal power plant of the Philippine National Oil Company-EDC; for the supply and erection of approximately 1200MT of steel structures for the Precision Building at Laguna Techno Park of Anam Construction & Dev. Phils.; supply & erection of approximately 2400MT of steel structures for the Test & Assy. Building at Laguna Techno Park of Anam Construction & Dev. Phils.

He was part of a project team composed of French and Philippine nationals that conducted a study for the rehabilitation of diesel fired power plants in various places in the Philippines which were part of the number of power plants with a combined capacity of 600MW earlier supplied by SEMT Pieltstick of France in the late 70s. The project team’s study also involved the possible financing of these power plants with French Government Soft Loan.

Iñigo Bejar Gonzalez

Advisor & Strategic Partner, H2 Burners & Manufacturing

Through his company E&M Combustion, Inigo is a key member of the W2H2 Project Implementation team to convert fossil fuel heated boilers into being hydrogen fired. E&M Combustion has expertise in Hydrogen Burner Manufacturing and project implementation.

Education: Industrial engineer
University: Bilbao industrial engineering university ( UPV ) Specialization: Methalurgy
Bilbao – Vizcaya – Spain

Accumulated Experience:

More than 20 years


More than 20 years of experience in the combustion field in the management, sales and technical area. From 2004 co-founder and general manager of the company E&M Combustion S.L. dedicated to the development of combustion engineering and burner manufacturing.

Professional Experience:

  • Company: Bridgestone, Mechanical department
  • Company: Tekener, Sales – Technical Department
  • Company E&M Combustion, CO – Founder, General Manager

Other Experiences and Companies:

Co-founder of the company Soluciones Integrales de Combustion in 2013. This company is dedicated to the engineering, installation and maintenance of steam and energetic installations. My job in this company is to support the sales and the management. (http://www.solucionesdecombustion.com)
Co-founder of the company Air Movement Technologies since 2016. This company is dedicated to the fan manufacturing. My job in this company is to support the management. (www.amtblower.com)

Juergen Dieter Praest

Advisor & Strategic Partner, H2 Burners & Manufacturing

Through E&M Combustion, Juergen is a key member of the W2H2 Project Implementation team to convert fossil fuel heated boilers into being hydrogen fired. E&M Combustion has expertise in Hydrogen Burner Manufacturing and project implementation.


  • 1978-1981 : Training to steel constructor, Richard Naumann KG, Isselburg (Germany)
  • 1989-1994 : Technical Engineering, GH University of Duisburg (evening University/Germany)

Additional education:

  • 1988 : Training course for boiler safety, TRD. TÜV Rheinland, Aachen (Germany)
  • 1993 : Training course for emission reduction at furnace systems, Gas-University Groiningen, (Holland)
  • 1994 : Training course ISO QUALITY SYSTEM ISO 9000 German Babcock, Oberhausen (Germany)
  • 1995 : English spoken. First certificate at the High school Wesel (Germany)
  • 2002 : Company management course, Zurich (Switzerland)

Work Experience:

  • 1982-1984 : Heating and Ventilation engineering works. Company: MHS KG Rees (Germany)
  • 1984-1986 : Steel construction engineering, work leader. Company: Scharrenberg und Lenz, Xanten (Germany)
  • 1987-1988 : Power plant engineering, work leader for commissioning worldwide. Company: Walter Kraps GmbH, Voerde (Germany)
  • 1988-1993 : Investigation and evolution of liquid and gas fuels for furnace and boiler systems. Emission reduction of burner and boiler systems at the environmental test area of the German Babcock in Friedrichsfeld (Germany)
  • 1994-1997 : Commissioning of furnace systems worldwide. German Babcock, Oberhausen (Germany)
  • 1997-2000 : Leader of commissioning for catalytic converter systems at power generator plants in the USA. Company: Kaparta AG, (Switzerland)
  • 2000-2003 : Emission reduction and commissioning of furnace and boiler systems. Company: Oertli-Induflame, Schwerzenbach (Switzerland)
  • 2003-2005 : Production leader of the Oertli-Induflame industrial burner production in Nanchang, China. Company: Oertli-Induflame, Schwerzenbach (Switzerland)
  • 2005-2007 : Production leader of the Ammann industrial burner production in Shanghai, China. Company: Ammann Construction Machinery, Shanghai (China)
  • 2007-2008 : Production leader of the Costerm Jiangxi industrial burner production in Nanchang, China. Company: Costerm Group, Capelle a.d. Issel (Holland)
  • 2008- : General Manager of sales, service and commissioning for Asia. Company: E+M Combustion, Artea (Spain)

Dionisio Ang

Project Coordinator

Graduated in 1978 from Ateneo De Davao University, Philippines, with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce.

Dionisio has been involved in various activities in the Real Estate Industry since 2009 up to the present. His services includes Leasing, Selling and Buying Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Properties on behalf of his clients.

His interest in Renewable Energy started in 2014 when the Philippine Government continues to encourage Local and Foreign Companies to invest in the Renewable Energy Projects in the Philippines. This led him to meet the Chairman of LIM Solar Philippines Venture Inc and he was given the responsibility as PROJECT COORDINATOR for Solar Rooftop Projects and Solar Farm Projects from 2015 -2017.

Sometime in 2016 to present, he transitioned into a more significant role of INDEPENDENT RENEWABLE ENERGY BROKER and began introducing Renewable Energy Developers to Investors/Buyers for Merger and Acquisition Purposes for Wind Energy Projects, Hydro Power Energy Projects, Biomass Energy Projects and Ocean Energy Project.

From 2018 to present, he has performed Business Brokering activities for the Business Sector in the Philippines acting as Intermediary between the Buyers and Sellers of Businesses.

Recognized for his efforts in the Renewable Energy Sector, he was appointed as PROJECT COORDINATOR for Philippine Projects for WPP Energy GmbH in April 2020. He is currently coordinating, promoting & distributing the W2H2 Technology & Vorax Technology in the Philippines.

Engr. Eugene Bicar

Market Advisor, Philippines

He has over 37 years of work experience in the power industry in the Philippines as a professional electrical engineer assuming various positions from an Engineer’s Aide when he first joined the National Power Corporation in September 1976, then as a Power Plant Engineer at Aplaya Diesel Plant, then later on to Plant Manager of Pulangi IV HE. He was the AVP-for Mindanao System Operations during the National Transmission Corporation (TransCo) days for 15 years and served for the next 7 years as the Head of Mindanao System Operations of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).


His career in the power industry has accorded him illustrious specialized skills & expertise in the fields of: Hydro/Diesel Power Plant Operations & Management; Electrical Power System & Control and Transmission Management; and in System Operations.


He is a dynamic Registered Professional Electrical Engineer with notable achievements such as earning a  Master’s Degree in Business Management and attaining a Career Executive Service Office (CESO) IV ranking in the Philippines.  He has had the opportunity to have his technical and leadership skills enhanced as he had attended various training programs, conferences and conventions, local and abroad of which are: Electric Power Management in JICA, Japan in 1984; Woodward Governor Control in Wisconsin, USA in 1989; Electric Utility Engineering Course in USA in 1991; Power System Control & Operation in Stockholm, Sweden in 1994; Restructuring/Privatization Study of the Philippine Electricity Sector in London, England (NERA) in 1995; Student of the Power Business Course on Florida, USA in 1997; ASEAN Transmission Course in Georgia Power USA in 1999.


He took up his BS Electrical Engineering at Cebu Institute of Technology, Cebu City in 1972 and a Master of Business Management at Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan City in 1988.

Serhii Derchuk

Director Of Business Development

Sergey has been in the Agricultural and Environmental market sectors for nearly 10 years. As a Director of Business Development for WPP Energy, Sergey is focused on Waste Management and Green Power Generation Solutions. He typically focuses on Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Sergey is the founder of “DERCHUK–RWT” with a focus on fuel production from waste.

  • Manure and sinks from livestock and poultry enterprises;
  • The mortality of animals and birds;
  • Waste from agricultural enterprises (organic waste: straw, husk, etc.);
  • Waste and effluent of meat and dairy processing enterprises;
  • Oil-fat companies;
  • Sugar factories;
  • Alcohol factories, breweries;
  • Canning plants;
  • Enterprises for processing agricultural products;
  • Wastewater, sewage sludge;
  • Waste from oil-producing and refineries (oil sludge).

João Jayme Iess

Director of Chemical & Process Engineering

Graduated in 1982, by UFPr- Universidade Federal do Paraná – in Curitiba.

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering by COPPE- UFRJ, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-1985.

Process Engineer – Cimento Rio Branco do Parana- 1982-1984.

Safety and Environmental Supervisor for MONSANTO do Brasil: 1986-1996.

Petrobras Technical Consultante: 1997-1999.

Votorantim Cimentos- Sênior Technical Consultant: 2000-2008.

Environmental and Process Consultant In TECPROCESS: 2009 2017.

WPP ENERGY PARTNER for Brasil: 2018.

Jodie Jacobson

Regional Director Australia

As an experienced manager Jodie brings to the team a wealth of knowledge, integrity, and strategic proficiency. With significant and varied roles in multiple industries including telecommunications, real estate and renewable energy Jodie understands the complexities of managing several stakeholders, including government, whilst achieving planned outcomes.

Jodie’s determination and ability to recognise opportunities and strategic alliances, combined with her excellent negotiation skills, ensures she exceeds expectations and creates mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships.

Whilst recognising and understanding the environmental challenges we face globally Jodie is excited that not only do we have technologies that can and will make a significant positive difference now and into the future, but, for the first time there is no longer a debate on environment versus economics as economically the opportunities are impressive independent of the significant environmental advantages.

Australia, with its internationally recognised high standards and integrity combined with its strategic location, vast geography, and varied climates creates an ideal synergy both technologically and philosophically. Jodie is prepared and ready for the challenges ahead and looks forward to realising the shared objectives.

Aikaterini Lianoudaki

Senior Project Coordinator, European Division

Economist graduate from National and Kapodistrian university of Athens with Master’s degree from National Technical University of Athens in project management. Served as bank officer for 7 years and with total of 16 years of experience in the banking sector. One of the seven team members that introduced margin accounts based on share evaluation, in Athens Stock Exchange, Greece. 

Extensive experience in SMEs funding through Individual Loans, Hedging Funds and other financial tools in collaboration with Governmental Pension Funds in Scandinavia and Asset Management Funds in London and Rome. Applications and implementation of several European Union programs for sustainable development with Structured Finance, Guarantees-SFG, Project Bonds-PBs, Private Finance for Energy Efficiency (PF4EE), Horizon 2021-2027, Accelerator, Bilateral Cooperation Program INTEREG Hellas-Cyprus. 

Research Associate of Technological Educational Institute of Crete with self – teaching of B2B MARKETING and INVESTMENT PLANNING. Financial advisor for Minister of Employment (2000-2005).

Thomas Perez

Business Development Executive

Thomas Perez is an entrepreneur at heart and he is focussed on Market and Business Development for WPP’s Hydrogen and Waste to Energy product offerings.

Thomas is passionate about the potential of WPP Energy’s solutions as sees his role as an opportunity to change the world for the better.

He was instrumental in bringing past companies successfully into European Markets and in 2016 was called upon by Lifevantage Corporation, a pubicly traded company in nasdaq ( LFVN )

Thomas has previous direct sales experience as an insurance broker for a very large French Company.

Previously in a direct sales role Thomas built a community base of more than 10,000 people spanning across 35 countries.

His duties at WPP also include promoting WPP’s participation in the Blockchain space via the upcoming Global Green Energy Platform.

Thomas is passionate about blockchain technology with 5 years experience in the sector as an investor and promoter since 2015, having raised substantial money in the market.

David Brutyan

Business Development Manager

David joins WPP as Business Development Manager and Ambassador for Armenia. David has 11 years experience in the banking sector in Eastern Europe in roles that have included Bank Manager. David obtained a Masters Degree in Finance and Management in 2013 from Armenian State University of Economics.

David has a keen interest in connecting Traditional Finance and Sustainability and this is a point of focus in his new role at WPP. David also has a strong interest in Blockchain, Web 3 and AI.

Mentor Shala

Front-end Director, 3D Artist, UI/UX Designer

Mentor Shala is a creative innovator, branding strategist, and design expert with more than 12years of expertise creating impactful visual branding solutions for high – profile clients across numerous industries.

He pairs a broad range of creative leadership experience in brand strategy and development, graphic design, 3D Modeling and B2B/B2C marketing with a deep understating of psychology behind design to create effective campaigns and corporate narratives.

In 2018, he joined WPP Energy GmbH – leaders in renewable energy innovation. He’s a Front-End Director, 3d Artist, UI/UX Designer who is in charge of Solving complex problems such as building a 3D visual prototype technology known as conversion of Water to Hydrogen (W2H2) proficient in Cinema 4D, surface modeling and solid modeling techniques. Proficient in Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Red Shift, Octane Real Flow, Pr, Ae, Ai, Id, Ps.

Prior to Joining WPP Energy GmbH, Mentor was a senior UI/UX Designer in AlbaSoftGroup whose main focus was working in tandem with the CEO and head of marketing and technology guide the creative strategy and design of the client – facing B2B communications, Providing expertise on industry standards, best practices and proper coding techniques by removing old technology and replacing it with the new ones such as HTML5/CSS3 Javascript, Helping Project Managers in daily basis to understand the Web Technology, Fast and Efficient Data Entry and Lecturing Junior Designers.