Headquartered in Geneva Switzerland, WPP Energy GmbH are world leaders in the renewable energy industry since 2009, led by President Mr. Rafael Ben with over 30 years’ experience in the sector and guest speaker and lecturer at international Green Energy Summits.

WPP is a repository for disruptive green energy and environmental technologies which we build or intend to build, own, operate and maintain. We also license technology and enter into strategic joint venture partnerships for the purpose of accelerating the deployment of important environmentally friendly technologies for the benefit of the entire world.


Disruptive green energy technologies and environmental solutions, a sample of our existing and upcoming globally focused disruptive technologies that includes the followings:


A Fleet of Mobile Waste Converters that collects and processes up to 70 tons of waste per day converted into biofuels with no pollution. This disruptive mobile waste conversion technology can collect and convert household, industrial, medical and landfill wastes, leaving only a 3% inert residual that can be sold as recyclable material. The mobile plant also produces and captures hydrogen which can fuel the mobile unit and be sold as a green energy fuel source, industrial hydrogen or dissipated into the air.


WPP will license and partner, with well-funded partners, the manufacturing license to build the WPP trucks in the territories of their choice.  WPP licenses the technology to the joint ventures and materially participates in the joint ventures.  To date, WPP has announced license and joint venture arrangements exceeding $2 Billion for the building of its WPP truck manufacturing facilities in various countries on an exclusive and non-exclusive basis.


WPP has a solution under development that is estimated to produce 1MW to 5.8MW of electricity per hour. This stand-alone HHO Mobile Power Station requires a water input and runs primarily on hydrogen plus a proprietary blend and process. It can be delivered anywhere in the world. This product will demonstrate WPP’s market leadership to help meet the worlds need for immediate energy to be deployed any place in the world.


WPP has a critically important green energy solution for the betterment of the world by converting existing polluting Power Plants into A clean energy power production. This initiative by WPP can exponentially grow the size of the renewable energy sector which is already a massive multi-billion-dollar market, as shown in the chart below.

WPP and its team of partner scientists has conducted R&D over the past 3 years using advanced technologies to discover innovative methods to convert polluting power plants to clean energy. WPP’s initial focus is to convert existing polluting power plants that operate on Coal and Natural Gas to run as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. Oil and Gasoline plants will be addressed at a later stage.


The WPP HHO Home Owner/Home Business Owner Solution is an instant low-cost clean energy power source for those wishing to reduce or eliminate dependency on their current overpriced energy provider and enjoy their own efficient, very low cost, clean independent power source. Users will enjoy a dramatic reduction in energy costs. Many users of this technology will discover that it will typically pay for itself in under two years. Users will be free of power bills once their modest initial investment in the HHO hardware has been recovered.

new technologies

WPP has been evaluating the purchase, partnership and licensing of various disruptive energy technologies.  WPP will partner with inventors; energy companies; technology companies and other energy technology entrepreneurs to bring the world green renewable energy.


WPP ENERGY has several joint ventures for green renewable energy projects in various countries around the world. Some of the projects include a long-term Power Purchase Agreements for power productionfrom 25/35 years. Most projects have to do with various type of waste to be converted into power and by products to be sold to the local markets.

WPP’s projects business is ever expanding.WPP will deploy advanced technologies globally assisting second and third world countries to have new opportunities to address their considerable housing and energy problems and to increase power production to countries with the greatest needs while creating 1000’s of jobs for the local communities.


WPP will deploy in early 2019 a new green energy market place: The World’s First Global Renewable Energy Supply Marketplace built on blockchain performing the role of a sales facilitator offering green energy solutions, both services and goods from green energy suppliers around the world.

This marketplace will accelerate the worldwide electronic trading of energy supply at wholesale prices from Green Energy Suppliers in a B2B, B2C and P2P focused online marketplace targeting buyers around the world who wish to purchase, trade or resell renewable energy supply and related products and services. Trust/Reputation, Privacy, Identity, Record Keeping, Digital Assets (energy contracts), Financial Settlement, A Going Green Reward based rebate program all managed on the Blockchain.

This will enable renewable energy buyers to be incentivized by a variety of options and attractive pricing to make informed purchase decisions based on alternative solutions provided in the platform.