Introducing WPP EcoFusion

Revolutionizing Waste Transformation for a Sustainable Future!

WPP EcoFusion

WPP EcoFusion is an innovative technology that harnesses the power of waste to create a range of eco-friendly products. By processing waste materials, such as biomass and organic matter, we transform them into five remarkable resources: Bio synthetic wood, Bio charcoal, thermoelectric energy, organic fertilizer, Liquid Fuels.

Bio Wood

Nature's Legacy, Engineered for the Future!

Bio synthetic wood offers a sustainable alternative to traditional timber. It shares the same properties and aesthetics as natural wood, but without the need to cut down trees. It’s perfect for construction, furniture, and various wood-based applications.

Bio Charcoal

Ignite the Green Revolution with BioCharcoal!

The eco-friendly fuel that sets the stage for a sustainable future! Say goodbye to traditional charcoal made from unsustainable sources and embrace a cleaner, greener alternative.

BioCharcoal is more than just a fuel; it’s a catalyst for positive change. Our innovative process transforms organic waste into high-quality charcoal, delivering both exceptional performance and environmental benefits.


Transforming waste into valuable biofuels.

Ecofusion is unique and innovative technology that consumes waste (MSW, USW and Biomass) and turns it into Biofuel (bio-oil & bio-diesel) without any residue or gas emissions. We have 4 working commercialized installations producing biofuel, 3 in Brazil and one in Portugal. 

Thermoelectric Energy

Harnessing Waste Heat, Powering the Future!

Introducing Thermoelectric Energy, the groundbreaking solution that turns wasted heat into a renewable powerhouse, With Thermoelectric Energy, we’ve unlocked a way to capture and convert waste heat into usable electricity.

Organic Fertilizer

Nurturing Growth the Green Way!

The natural elixir that breathes life into your soil and nurtures plants with the goodness of nature! Our Organic Fertilizer harnesses the power of organic matter, enriching the soil and promoting healthy plant growth.