Global Green Energy Production Platform

WPP ENERGY'S Green Energy Platform is being created to reduce the cost of green energy globally, initially, through the use of WPP’s technologies, partnerships, licenses, affiliates and third-party relationships. (See Energy Supplier Schematic below).

We will also invite Green Energy Suppliers (See Participating Green Energy Suppliers Types below) in such areas as Geothermal, Hydrogen, etc) to participate in reducing the cost of green energy globally.

Video Introduction

Industry Game Changer

Suppliers to this platform can change the power generation industry for the benefit of Municipalities; Corporations and Consumers. Our disruptive energy technologies are capable of producing significant savings.

The deployment of the new Global Green Energy Platform will enable WPP's ability to further reduce the cost of green power production, positioning the Platform to become the world’s central hub for renewable energy trading.


Functioning Description:

Functioning Marketplace Role: As a Renewable Energy Electricity Sales Facilitator. A Blockchain based platform to facilitate the worldwide electronic trading of energy supply at wholesale prices from Green Energy Suppliers in a B2B focused platform initially, eventually evolving to B2C as well, targeting electricity consumers around the world.

WPP Token is being generated to serve as a featured payment method for all energy transactions conducted through the Platform. The combination of the Global Green Energy Platform and the use of WPP TOKEN by electricity buyers as the featured payment method will accomplish a sharp reduction in energy prices for buyers using the platform and will capture market share from the harmful polluting fossil fuel industry.

API data feeds to be established between the Global Green Energy Platform and participating Green Energy Producers who are required to data transmit the type of energy available, the amount of energy available for purchase, the price of the energy, the location & distribution network of the energy (present and future), data metrics revealing how green the suppliers energy is.

Buyers will be able to use data sorting tools provided, after entering through a global energy grid/map interface, to find green electricity supply data which is relevant to them. Use of a smart contract enabled WPP TOKEN as a featured method of payment will provide the ideal environment for the automatic processing, recording and tracking of a large number of transactions globally will help reduce operating/payment processing & record-keeping costs through automation and may help avoid any attempted disruption or blocking of what will be energy industry changing transaction methods and market pressure to lower costs.

Participating green power supply types:

    Green Energy PRODUCTION Platform

    Energy Supplier Schematic