wpp go green program for cleaner planet

Since 2009 WPP Energy has made major steps to reduce the use of oil and other polluting fuels when oil prices were close to $200 per barrel. From the beginning WPP started to develop the HHO Technologies by using water as a fuel source. HHO has been under development for many years going back to 1945 with the Ex President of the United States Of America who owned a Ford automobile which ran on Hydrogen technology.

However it was dangerous because of the Hydrogen Storage and deemed unsafe. WPP Energy has taken this technology to new levels that perfects the process of extracting water with a special chamber device that generates Hydrogen as needed based on the size of Steam Boilers, the same as well is true for combustion car engines. The HHO Technology we argue is the best solution as an energy source that reduces expense and replaces the fossil fuels, at the same time eliminating carbon footprints as a major step to reduce global warming, and cleanse the world from gases and fumes.


green energy solution for home owners

WPP Energy has under development with its partners the production of a game changing HHO energy solution for residential home deployment providing Hot Water, Heating…. a complete independent power supply. WPP deploys a hydrogen generator which is being built using the most advanced technologies for producing hydrogen from water.

go green helping those who need it the most

GO GREEN HELPING THOSE WHO NEED IT THE MOST WPP ENERGY will deploy the most powerful advanced technologies globally assisting second and third world countries to have new opportunities to address their considerable housing and energy problems. WPP GO GREEN is taking a major step by contributing a percentage of overall profits to facilitate an increase in power production as a humanitarian aide to countries with the greatest needs.

Word from the Chairman and Founder of WPP ENERGY I’m happy and axcited to annouce that WPP will continue to support the poor countries in need within the sectors of education, green power generation, and keep contributing in Green Villages, Hospitals, Smart Cities and Greenhouse Towers.