government & private projects

WPP Energy intends to utilize its alternative energy expertise to match equity investors coupled with traditional project finance to fund Joint Ventures with established alternative energy companies, developers and EPC Contractors for energy and energy related projects globally. The projects are established with industry and governments for the production of Green Power. Some of the projects include long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) from 20 to 35 years. Alternative energy projects can include, conversion of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into electricity and into byproducts that will be used for local markets, our HHO projects, solar energy, wind power and any other proven alternative energy that meets return on investment requirements.

waste to energy solutions are in demand

Growth in the world’s population and economy, coupled with rapid urbanisation, will result in a substantial increase in energy demand and waste. The United Nations (UN) estimates that the world’s population will grow from 7.6 billion in 2017 to 9.8 billion by 2050. Electricity demand is increasing twice as fast as overall energy use and is likely to rise by more than two-thirds to 2040. 14% of the world’s population still lacks access, mostly in rural areas.

The world will need significantly increased energy supply in the future, especially clean generated electricity. Waste to Energy will be one major solution to solving the problem of where to put waste and creating clean renewable energy alternatives. We intend to partner with energy companies, developers and EPC contractors to fund these solutions along with our HHO solutions.

wpp energy deploys a variety of energy solutions:

To satisfy the full scope of our various Government Projects around the world we may deploy a number of energy solutions including: Waste to Energy Power Plants, Hydro Electric Power Plants, Biomass Power Plants, HHO Mobile Power Stations or HHO Power Plant Conversions, Solar Power, Construction of Green Villages or Smart Cities and Agricultural Towers.

helping those who need it the most

WPP ENERGY will deploy the most powerful advanced technologies globally assisting second and third world countries to have new opportunities to address their considerable housing and energy problems. WPP is taking a major step by contributing a percentage of overall WPP TOKEN profits to facilitate an increase in power production as a humanitarian aide to countries with the greatest needs.

Our government projects business is ever expanding and will include upcoming announcements in several areas including Green Villages, Smart Cities and Greenhouse Towers.



  • There can be no assurance that WPP Energy will ever bring the development of the Waste to Energy facilities into operation, partially own a WTE facility, or operate and maintain a WTE facility.
  • There can be no assurance that any project under development will ever successfully be financed.
  • There Can Be No Assurance That Government Contracts And Projects Listed Above Will Ever Be Successfully Funded.