WPP offer developers and Investor Groups territorial licenses for our WPP Mobile Waste Plant manufacturing facilities. The JV/License structure is for cash or Bank Guarantee for approximately $1 Billion per facility which provides a Manufacturing Facility License for 25 years including a profit sharing interest to be determined based on territory and population.

The amount of cash or BG will also be based upon the amount of Mobile Waste Plant production you wish to License. For each 1.320 Mobile Waste Plants produced we require a 30,000 sq. meters’ facility, we charge $1 Billion USD or a financial instrument. You then maintain an ongoing profit sharing interest for 25 years in the joint venture. There is approximately a two to three year return on investment.

WPP will provide the full services as follows

The JV Partner will have a signed license agreement for 25 years

WPP will provide a two years training to the local team how to manage and operate the facility plant

WPP helps the JV partner to locate a logistic site for the assembling plant facility

WPP will provide the training how to operate a daily shift per truck model

WPP will provide the full line of equipment and machinery

WPP will provide all documentation and agreements for truck sales

WPP will train local teams how to assemble each truck model


Please fill out the form below for more information about a possible investment opportunity for a master license for your desired territory.