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Treat All Types Of Waste

a revolutionary waste processing technology that treats nearly all types of waste.





DuoTherm Technology

a revolutionary waste processing technology that treats nearly all types of waste.

The DuoTherm technology contained in VORAX®️ is a breakthrough technological innovation in which a reactor containing two thermal sources generates heat gradient of high temperatures in these sources. The garbage is not mixed with the atmospheric air and suffers a dry distillation, meaning it is completely disintegrated and liquefied in the absence of air, which considerably reduces the formation of pollutants harmful to the environment and health, including carcinogens. The reduction in volume of organic waste in this process is approximately 100:1 to 200:1 according to the category of waste processed.

Up To 400 Tons!

The VORAX®️ product line up is vast with numerous models ranging from 2 to 400 Tons of Waste Per Day capacity and power generation capability up to 35 MWh.

Waste To Energy

Combine Steam Power Generation With VORAX®️

Not only a revolutionary waste treatment technology, but VORAX®️ uses two thermal sources to create a best in class end result which allows for steam based power generation for clients seeking a viable waste to energy solution.

Salable Residual

The only residual product after the two thermal products is a salable inert byproduct material in demand by the construction and asphalt industry.

Award Winning Patent

41 Patents Wordwide!

Now Accepting Orders for VORAX®️ Worldwide

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