WPP is progressing with its plans in South Korea, those plans were outlined in an earlier press release here: https://wppenergy.com/korea-h2-alliance-attracts-1-billion-investment-for-hydrogen-business-2/

Those future plans include Hydrogen fueling stations where it is the intent to have WPP Token accepted as a payment at those hydrogen fueling stations. https://wppenergy.com/hydrogen-fueling-stations/

An agreement is still to be reached for the unit of measurement for one WPP Token at the future hydrogen fuel stations, and is a matter of ongoing discussion.

WPP has further confirmed its commitment by opening an office in South Korea as per the following images:

WPP is also pursuing one or two floors in the worlds tallest building, the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, on a floor that is way up high.

Here is a recent image of Chairman Rafael Ben Shaya with our South Korean partners in Dubai.

We have just returned from inspecting those floors and here is a video of the tour.

Lastly WPP looks forward to its token being accepted by issuers, on the HyFi platform, in the ILO or BLO DeFi marketplaces. WPP Token will be accepted as a form of payment for those projects which use WPP technology. Sample ILO with WPP Technology: https://hyfi.exchange/initialofferings

Stay tuned for more updates.