W2H2 Hydrogen Fueling Stations

W2H2 is a lower cost potential solution to provide Hydrogen gas for refueling stations. W2H2 uses fresh water as the feedstock to generate onsite large scale hydrogen production which replaces fossil fuel for ground transportation vehicles. With no CO2 or Methane emissions W2H2 Hydrogen is a much cleaner option than fossil fuel. With W2H2 a client can generate onsite large scale hydrogen production capable of fueling many vehicles in a day. Production capacity is adjustable to market demand. W2H2 is still under research and development and not yet commercialized.

W2H2 for OEM Hydrogen Compatible Vehicles or Retrofits

A hydrogen fueling station can be used by any transportation vehicle that has an engine and fuel tank that is hydrogen compatible whether an OEM build or an aftermarket conversion to Hydrogen. For many fossil fuel based engines Hydrogen retrofit solutions are available on the market

W2H2 Hydrogen Refueling Major Components

Water splitting innovation!

New method of magnetic and light enhanced alkaline water electrolysis that greatly outperforms conventional electrolysis methods.